TMG Global Welcomes Leyda Rivera as Senior Project Manager in Latest Strategic Hire

September 5, 2023
Leyda Rivera is an experienced Project Manager with more than 12 years of priceless knowledge.

Meet Leyda Rivera, a seasoned Project Manager with over 12 years of invaluable expertise in effectively overseeing and executing projects of diverse scopes and complexities.

Leyda’s journey in the world of project management began with a passion for tackling challenges head-on and fostering enduring connections with both colleagues and clients.

In 2017, Leyda achieved a significant milestone by attaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Leyda’s distinctive strength lies in her problem-solving skills. She thrives under pressure, leveraging her experience to swiftly identify bottlenecks, devise innovative solutions, and steer projects toward successful completion.

Beyond her technical skills, Leyda takes immense pride in her capacity to build and nurture enduring relationships. She understands that successful project management is not only about delivering outcomes, but also about fostering a collaborative atmosphere that drives synergy and ensures client satisfaction. Her amiable demeanor and clear communication style have enabled her to forge lasting connections, making her a leader in cross-functional teams.