TMG Global Delivers Comprehensive RMR Network Solutions

August 1, 2023
Meeting the end-of-July deadline, the team accomplished a remarkable achievement in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the client.

TMG Global announces the successful completion of the Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) Network Deliverables project, delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance the healthcare network infrastructure. 

Samantha Ehrenstrom, Project Delivery Lead explains the scope: “The team was tasked with conducting site surveys and discovery for five large hospitals and over 110 ambulatory sites, which were part of two healthcare organizations undergoing separation. We were there on behalf of our client to assess the piece of the “equitable distribution” so they had a clear picture and understanding of what they were walking away with from the separation. This included all the infrastructure as well as all end-user technology.”

The Site Surveys involved comprehensive assessments of hardware and infrastructure at each End User Technology (EUT), Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) in all hospitals and clinics. The scope also included project management, detailed documentation, a comprehensive summary, and next steps. 

Additionally, the team delivered essential network reports, covering end-of-life hardware, wireless, infrastructure, and EPIC hardware considerations. Their efficient project management ensured a smooth processes, including communication plans, schedules, and weekly project team meetings. They also identified hospital and clinic IDF locations necessitating switch migration to meet EPIC requirements.

Anthony Roberts, Senior Technical Lead of TMG Global explained the extensive efforts put into understanding the client’s technology environment: “To fully understand the client’s needs, we conducted a comprehensive IT assessment and fiber optic analysis. Our team identified strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement in the existing setup. This in-depth analysis allowed us to develop the right strategies for the seamless integration.”

Implementation & Design Lead Jeffrey Poggio emphasized the vital significance of network rack elevations for long-term client satisfaction: “Building a resilient infrastructure is crucial, and our work on providing visual representations of the current state of the client’s network infrastructure really is a game-changer. These network rack elevations make sure our clients understand the layout, organization, and efficiency of their components. This kind of approach really sets the stage for streamlined operations and improved performance in the future.”

With their unmatched expertise and dedication, TMG Global continues to be at the forefront of transforming healthcare network infrastructure, empowering clients with state-of-the-art solutions for seamless integration and long-term satisfaction.