The Mohr Group seeking Field Network Technician

September 22, 2022
Our rapidly growing IT Consulting Services Company is seeking a skilled, motivated Field Network Technician for 6-8 month contract.

Position: Field Network Technician
Location: Chicago Suburbs

Be part of an exciting team of professionals with decades of experience. This client-focused company offers fully integrated services based on core values of quality, integrity, and confidentiality.

Job Description:

Infrastructure upgrade project spanning multiple months. Project includes the facilitation of the upgrade and migration of network switches in approximately 120 IDFs for multiple hospitals and ambulatory sites throughout the Chicago suburbs. Working hours will vary due to the nature of the medical environment and include evening and weekend hours to accommodate workflow and patient flow. Flexibility to travel is essential.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Coordinate and facilitate pre-migration documentation including all connections in the IDF, from patch panels to patch panels, patch panels to switches, as well as network device to network device

  • Assist in scheduling upgrades and maintenance without interrupting business workflow

  • Providing technical direction and training to coworkers about network systems

  • The removal and packing of network switches to be retired
  • The installation and documentation of connections for the new network switches

  • The accurate patching of all network cables to the new devices

  • Patching and cable management of all network connections

  • Troubleshooting and identifying roadblocks

  • Provide end user support

  • Communication with client executives as needed

Skills and tools needed:

  • Previous networking experience

  • Experience with switch installation & removal

  • Attention to accuracy & detail

  • Professional with excellent communication skills, analytical, and critical thinking skills

  • Willingness to learn and take direction

  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Laptop

  • Label Maker

  • Camera/Smartphone with camera capabilities

  • Small flashlight, Snips, Cable toner, notebook w/pad & pencil

  • Hotspot is recommended but not required

  • Console Cable is recommended

Send resume to Micki Greenberg: