TMG Global secures large scale project for major U.S. healthcare provider.

January 26, 2023
Healthcare client in the Chicago area undergoes network cleanup and standardization in preparation for EPIC, the preferred electronic medical records system.

TMG Global has been awarded a major project to upgrade and standardize the network infrastructure of one of the largest healthcare providers in the US.

The scope of the project includes the cleanup and network standardization of 120 IDFs in preparation for the transition to the EPIC system.

The team began with a review of previously executed IDF surveys, and provided a plan of action to the customer, including a schedule and communications plan. The timing of the switch migration is a crucial and sensitive aspect of the project, and TMG Global will take care to minimize downtime during the migration. An additional assessment was also conducted to determine fiber requirements needed for fiber upgrades in each of the hospitals. As part of the pre migration process, the team will pre-stage the new switches, update and configure them, and document all current connections in each of the IDFs.

The physical migration will be done according to a detailed schedule and plan, with the team racking the new switches, migrating current connections, and providing professional cable management. TMG Global will also provide Day 1 support after the migration of each IDF and oversee and coordinate the new wireless installation.

“This is not an easy undertaking. There are a lot of moving parts that require a great deal of coordination. But The Mohr Group is not one to shy away from a good challenge. We look forward to it.” says Franklyn Deschamps, Project Delivery Lead for TMG Global.

TMG Global is well-equipped to handle the complex and challenging task of upgrading and standardizing the network infrastructure and is committed to delivering high-quality results.