The Mohr Group executes over 50 site surveys within 60 days

September 20, 2021
Staff Augmentation
Your reliable IT partner further demonstrates their ability to successfully execute and mobilize in a small window of time.

Another example of our experience in creative processes and mobilization.

Our healthcare client is expanding their brick and mortar footprint across the nation. The Mohr Group provided the necessary due diligence and site surveys in over 50 acquisition sites across the nation within 60 days. This helped to give our client a more seamless transition through the acquisition process.

“We have a great process set up, from receiving the request for a site survey from our client, to corresponding with the POC on site, through to the delivery of the final product to our clients. We utilize our in-house remote team who works alongside the on-site resources during the actual site survey to make sure we acquire all the information our clients are looking for. Our in-house team then takes all the information gathered and puts it together in a clear and understandable form for the client. Our clients receive a google folder which includes a detailed data spreadsheet identifying all network connections and technology on the premises. We also include a Visio Network diagram, an electronic marked-up floor plan showing all data and technology, as well as a PowerPoint presentation of our findings”, said Micki Greenberg, Project Delivery Manager for The Mohr Group.

Scopes of work managed by The Mohr Group included but was not limited to the following:

  • Professional client facing communications
  • Site Survey – full site assessment
  • Deliverables include a Google Drive folder containing:
    • Electronic marked up floor plan
    • Visio network diagram
    • Detailed spreadsheet documenting all network connections including port validation
    • Documentation of technology on site PowerPoint
    • Pictures to tell a complete story of site Integration prep information