The Mohr Group moves fast for North Florida hospital campus site survey.

August 1, 2022
The Mohr Group mobilized quickly to meet the needs of the client for an infrastructure site survey and telephony assessment of a large hospital campus in North Florida. The Mohr Group delivers in just five days.

The team spent a week onsite to assess the main hospital, eight other campus structures, forty IDF closets, switches, and network infrastructure.

They examined and assessed the cable into the back of the patch panel, the number of switches, port utilization of switches, and power availability. The telephony site survey involved examining the current telephony system to determine the percentage of Analog vs IP phones in use, as well as assessing the network infrastructure and making recommendations for next steps.

After this intricate survey was completed, The Mohr Group was able to provide the survey and deliverables in only five days. 

When you need it done, you need it done by The Mohr Group. They have the knowledge, skill and the qualified team members to get it done accurately and on time.