The Mohr Group scores IT Program Management for large healthcare acquisition spanning 18 months.

October 1, 2021
By taking on the program management for these acquisitions, The Mohr Group can wrap everything up in one comprehensive package for their clients, giving them the knowledge they need to mobilize and move forward with future plans.

The Mohr Group takes on Program Management for a large-scale, multi-hospital and off-campus clinic acquisition. They are providing IT Program Management over network and wireless infrastructure, servers, EUT (End User Technology), VTC, as well as telephony. Integration planning considerations include an upcoming new medical billing system as well as future growth capabilities. 

“We are always honored to be part of such a large initiative. We love doing this for corporate clients, but it’s always extra special when we can play our part with Healthcare clients. These acquisition projects provide an immediate impact with patients, IT teams, and Medical teams especially during the pandemic. We take great pride in adding to the community health system” Steve Mohr, The Mohr Group Principal Consultant.