The Mohr Group joins forces with major healthcare provider in the Midwest for technology and IT infrastructure upgrades.

December 24, 2021
This project included full detailed technology and infrastructure site surveys of 4 major hospitals as well as a separate cancer clinic.

The Mohr Group partnered up with a major healthcare provider in the midwest that is part of a large-scale acquisition.
The footprint for this endeavor consisted of over 700 patient beds and over 80 IT closets.

An effort of this magnitude is no stranger to The Mohr Group. They accomplished their goal within 5 weeks, documenting over 13000 qty EUT and over 300 network switches.

“…twelve individuals came together cohesively as one team to complete full site surveys of all the technology and network infrastructure in four major hospitals and a cancer clinic. The coordination efforts and planning involved were no easy feat, but The Mohr Group was up for the task. Some of The Mohr Group team members worked alongside local techs gathering detailed information on all of the technology and network infrastructure on site, while we also had team members working remotely behind the scenes to make sure all of the information gathered was compiled correctly and cleaned up for presentation to our client”, said Samantha Ehrenstrom, Project Delivery Associate.

Scopes of work managed by The Mohr Group included but was not limited to the following:

  • Client-facing communications and logistics
  • Site Survey – full technology and infrastructure site assessment
  • Deliverables include a Google Drive folder containing:
    • Detailed spreadsheet documenting all network connections
    • Detailed documentation of technology on site
    • Rack elevations
    • PowerPoint summary
    • Pictures to tell a complete story of site
    • Integration prep information