Micki Greenberg brings more to The Mohr Group

January 4, 2021
Your premier IT partner adds multi-specialty new talent to the team.

The Mohr Group offers a full range of IT project management and consulting services, so it’s only natural that they would seek out an experienced professional with multiple certifications and years of experience when it came time to expand the leadership team.

Micki Greenberg stood out from the crowd with an impressive portfolio of certifications, fields of study, and prior experience.

Steve Mohr, Principal Consultant of The Mohr Group, says “We are so excited to have Micki lead Project Delivery at The Mohr Group. The timing of meeting and working with Micki as we were about to take the next step in our company’s growth was perfect. Micki has a unique combination of skills, experience, and intangibles we have been looking for in a leader to help us grow our team. We look forward to our journey together!”